There are bigger things in life


An incredibly talented man who lived in Cape Town talked to my class about his experiences in South Africa during Apartheid, known and pronounced as “apart- hate,” which it was.

The discrimination he faced daily is astounding. Still, today, he stands in front of my class speaking about his accomplishments, speaking about his fight against injustice, speaking about his success, which springs from his passion to create even a corner of inclusion and justice in this unfathomably unjust world.

His experiences got me thinking, “Hey wake up. There are bigger things in life.”

There are bigger things in life than what’s happening beyond our own backyard, and beyond all the pettiness that exist in this world despite societies that are crumbling, that are suffering, and that don’t have basic necessities and joys. I looked beyond myself to see a field of people who are in need of even 10 % of what I have, but they still smile, and they still say they’ve succeeded with every small step that they take towards justice. I looked beyond my privilege, however minute, however scarred to appreciate it; to appreciate my right to assert a voice.

There are bigger things in life than a friend who doesn’t reply to a text message.

There are bigger things in life than a momentary grade.

There are bigger things in life than being bogged by a past, and by an unpleasant present.

There are simply bigger things in life. Life is big. Our future is un-promised, which is the greatest gift, because as I learned from this incredible man, our future will be anything we want it to be, is anything we want it to be, and THIS IS NOT a cliché statement.

There are bigger things in life, and as soon as we understand this, life fills with beauty, life holds hope and a limitless scope.

There are bigger things in life, and it is in our hands to believe we can be bigger than life.


The moments through that purse your grandmother gave you; still on your shelf, holding her scent and her loving 10 dollars as a gift. The moments with that leaf she gave you; still within the pages of your book, making an aesthetic outline, which she craved to see. The moments when she spoke, the moments when you speak; moments are beautiful. Moments that become memories, those are indescribable.

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A Drift

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 1.02.33 PM

My mind drifted to that single moment, which created an eternal hope.

“You know what’s weird?”


Even when I do something embarrassing in front of you and want to hide from you, your arms are still the only security blanket which I feel safe to hide in.

“Hey, snap out? What’s weird?”

“Nothing, the day they invent mind readers, you can figure it out.”

“Not cool, that’ll be forever long.”

“Who says we don’t have forever long?”


I can’t help my thoughts from gravitating towards your pull. I’m irrational in this manner; whimsical in this manner. If you find me great; if you don’t the seasons will still continue to change. But, you’re always going to be a lingering chapter, I don’t doubt that won’t cease.


Waiting For that Shatter


Sometimes inspiration feels like it results from a glass in your brain that has been shattered.

Waiting for that glass to shatter is tedious, but when it finally does, and trust that it will, rays of light peak through the dark vacuums inhabiting your mind. With that shatter, freshness seeps away the stifled air created by the boxed glass in your mind.

With that shatter, translucence takes over your mind. With that shatter, the invisible becomes visible. With that shatter, invincibility is a possibility. With that shatter, the notes on your desk become pages of flourishing poetry. With that shatter, you walk downstairs with a smile on your face, a heart ready to laugh, and a soul that’s ready to last. With that shatter, breathing becomes easy again. In, out; inhale, exhale. With that shatter, breathing is an unconscious act again. With that shatter, your world shines, your world illuminates, you illuminate, you mean it when you smile, and you mean it when you’re too tired to give useless spaces time. With that shatter, irrelevance blurs. With that shatter comes motivation, and a confidence that replenishes your doubts. With that shatter, inspiration strikes for a new tomorrow that’s anticipating light and joy you know that you deserve. And once you’re at a stage beyond the need for that shatter, which without a doubt will come, you’ll know that inspiration was always at your fingertips. You’ll know that you’ve always been in control of when that glass shatters.

Moving On

“Yea, just move on.”

Everyone says “move on” like it’s the easiest thing to do in the world, and all you do is nod, because you know they’re right, but hey it’s easier said than done ok.

Moving on… and I’m not even talking about being in a romantic relationship, I’m just talking about moving on from friends that you have nothing in common with anymore.

I think that to some extent we stick to our friends because of the years we have invested in that relationship. Partly also because of the fear associated with breaking away from them, and the repercussions that might linger. But when you start to see that the friendship is already fizzling, and you’re in that liminal stage where you’re friends on the surface but not as tight as you used to be, it’s kind of the perfect get away to a fresh start. Why? Because it allows you to break free without the headache and heartache of a messy break-up. It allows you to be acquaintances on the surface, but acquaintances that care, care? care-ish, whatever I do… they do. But, honestly, friendly acquaintances are always nice. Not everything has to be clear cut, “you’re either my bff or nothing at all, you either invite me to your wedding or I won’t say hi to you in the grocery store.” Idk . But, those liminal spaces are extremely liberating. Of course, if you’ll let them be.

Like seasons changing, leaves shedding, dew on the grass evaporating, toddlers growing, feet shuffling, walking to new destinations, change is inevitable and striving to keep things stationary is the most beautiful waste of time.

Bet you thought I was going to talk about all the hardships of moving on… I mean yea it’s not a walk in the park, and sometimes it sucks, but when that wall breaks, the wall that’s preventing you from moving on or from thinking about memories, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. Breaking that wall allows you to cherish memories, but not grieve them. It’s the greatest feeling in the world because you can finally move on from mere memories and see your future, one where you’re smiling and loved by many. And whoever you are, you are loved, we just have to give attention and respect to those that care for us. Sometimes, we harp on those that don’t matter because we want every single person in the universe to love us. By doing that you forget and ignore the loyal few, the real mvps, the ones who have held your hand from day one. Like, how rude? Recognize them before its too late.

I wrote something once… “Waiting on something that will never happen is literally pointless, so do yourself a blessing and move on, live your life, love it and the people in it… oh and take your vitamins.”

Waiting on an effort that’s never going to come is chaining. Be emancipated. Write a book. I’m going to write a book, not with this writing, cause let’s be honest this doesn’t have the flow of Virginia Woolf’s writing; idk I’ve been thinking about her recently. When you know beauty lies ahead in whatever step you take, it becomes easy to move on and you really do mean it when you say with a smile for your future “yea, just move on.”